What’s going on here?

I started designing and printing my own DPW hoodies in 2019. They turned out alright, so I’m offering them to you as well.

Who are these for?

These are only for people how have worked for DPW.

What kind of hoodies are these?

These are Unisex Full Zip Hoodies by AWDIS (JH050). They’re 80% Soft cotton, 20% Polyester, and weigh 8.3 oz /yd².

They’re available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2-X. They can be black, white, or (gasp!) a variety of colors. 

These are White, Yellow, Black, Bright Green, Dark Green, Steel Grey, Heather Grey, Bright Blue, Navy Blue, & Red.

How much do these cost?

These cost about $39.89 each.

That’s $19.29 for the garment + $6.20 to print to the front side + $6.20 to print to the back side + $8.20 for shipping = $39.89. The shipping will vary on where it’s sent. The original quote was for having it sent to the playa.

How are these different from the ‘official hoodies’?

The 2018 DPW hoodies were Beimar’s Zip Hoodies. I’m not certain if the 2019 versions were the same since I made this page before that season and I can’t tell them apart enough to check now.

The zippers on these are plastic (not metal), but are colored to match the hoodie itself.

These are also printed through sublimination, not silk screening. This means the prints are not quite as bright or vibrant. Although, it’s difficult to notice unless you’re looking at them right next to each other.

Here’s a picture of a 2018 hoodie next to one I had printed (look past the cat hair):

Are these sweatshop hoodies?

No. Based on my research, AWDIS only uses WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified factories.


How long does it take to get a hoodie?

I’m not certain, since it’s been awhile since I ordered them and the current shipping conditions are a bit variable. If someone actually orders one I will give an estimate here.


What kind of designs can I choose from?

Take a look at the ones below and select what you’d like to use in the order form.






Is that really the original logo?

Yes, that’s directly from an EPS used to make the DPW patches and other swag. I remastered it so I could edit the text easier, optimize the colors for sublimination printing, change the lightning bolts to look better, and make the dots into actual fucking circles.


Can I request a custom design?

Sure, show me what you’ve got. Send me your designs at cougarbait@burningman.org. Alternatively, I can try and design something for you. If you’d like my help doing something, just be as clear as possible up-front in the form so I don’t want to hurt you.

We can NOT do fades or transparencies in custom designs. This form of printing involves printing white on a garment first, then the colored ink, which means any part of an image below 100% opacity would have an increasing amount of white showing and looks bad on dark or black fabrics.

Here’s the area we’re able to print on for the front and back, for reference:

Can I have my name on it or custom text inside the logo?

Yep! As long as it fits. I’d suggest having your playa name put in the bottom of the logo on the front like the one above; It makes it slightly harder to lose.


Could I get something else made besides a hoodie?

Yes, as long as it’s something from Printify’s catalog.  They have a wide range of items, just refer to them by their model numbers and I’ll see what I can do.


Do you have permission to do this?

I didn’t get permission in time for the 2019 season, but I did get permission after the event for 2020. Here we are today.


Okay, how do I order one?

1. Fill out the form below.

2. Send me funds via the Paypal link on the following page after you click Submit on the form.

Can I pay you with something other than Paypal?

There’s always crypto.  

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