UFO Websites

An overwhelming amount of UFO websites are exceptionally dated, poorly designed, or inactive. This is my attempt to catalog all the relevant sites in existence as a resource for myself and others and their research. Any contributions or suggestions are extremely helpful. If you have any, please drop me a line at the bottom of the page.

Active Websites


Okay design, wiki-based, over 1,200 articles.

The Black Vault

More document and blog-based. Not comprehensive, but very active and has it’s own organization of research volunteers.


Dated design, many great write-ups and resources on a variety of aspects.

Educating Humanity

Dated design, all-round resource with many news articles, but becoming more dated.

StealthSkater Archives

Bad design, mostly a link dump of various articles and resources.

Project 1947

Bad design, but a large collection of historical articles and documents.

Isaac Koi

Dated design, excellent resource focused on historical documents, literature, and finding best cases.

UFOs at Close Sight

Dated design, extensive list of articles, cases, and other resources.

Saturday Night Uforia

Okay design, large list of historical UFO publications, regular articles, and other resources.

UFO Theater

Okay design, focused on debunking fake channels and UFO-related content. Excellent black-list.

UFO Encounters

Okay design, small article-based site which gives a broad (and generally sparse) overview of various UFO-related aspects.


Decent design, focused more on spiritual and psychological components of UFOs and ETs from an individual perspective.

UFO Stalker

Decent design, but only for reporting and tracking various sightings submitted to the site.

Larry Robinson’s UFO Page

Bad design, but many great articles from a skeptical perspective.


Well designed, decent overview of various cases, footage, sightings, and quotations.

Inactive Websites

Daniel Tarr’s UFO Library

(last updated 2014) 

Dated design, hard to navigate, decent number of articles on cases and other aspects.

UFO Casebook

(last updated 2014)

Dated design, no longer updated. Many case-specific write-ups.


(last updated 2013)

Okay design, great articles and write-ups, but many broken links and was taken over by spam (now appears to be a scam). Still accessible through internetarchive.org.

Best UFO Resources

(last updated 2012)

Simple design, many excellent resources and links.

World of the Strange

(last updated 2011)

Bad design, various write-ups and a variety of cases and other topics.

UFO Watchdog

(last updated 2010)

Dated design, many decent bios on various ufologists.

UFO Info

(last updated 2004)

Bad design, scattered listings of researches, organizations, articles, and many other aspects.



Decent design, notable organization with regular articles, statistics, and sighting reports.


Okay design, notable organization with regular articles and sighting reports.


Dated design, international group focused on studying UFOs founded in 1979 by Hynek. Decent articles, case files, and links to various resources.


Bad design, difficult to navigate, reputable organization with links to various free books, articles, and other resources.

National UFO Center

Okay design, article-based site focused on case-files. Decently organized, but not as much material as others.

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